красиві нові пригоди

12193502_864615836984492_3376717823072779400_nTomorrow I have my site placement interview with my country director, lead specialist, and a regional manager. This interview will help decide where I will live and work for the next two years. However, the stress that should fill my heart is overwhelmed by the dissonance which encompasses my departure.

Today after dinner I sat with my host family discussing that in 1 month I will leave for a new home. As I looked into their eyes I was almost brought to tears. I was struck with amazement while I stewed over the powerful relationship we had created over such a short time.

I sat and pondered silently. I was thinking about the connection I had made with the people sitting around me. I did not realize this until my sister made a joke. She said, “Oh Richard, you will forget us after you leave.” I ensured them that would never happen. The bond that we created can never be tethered. And, I am positive that the memory of my broken Ukrainian will never leave their minds.

I have come to the conclusion that I am here for a reason and my goals are obtainable. I will continue to have faith that I will be placed in the right situations and circumstances. My objective is to remain true to myself, and if I continue to do this, my spirit will attract loving people and loving people will also attract me.

*These are the thoughts of Richard Roman and does not directly reflect the view of the Peace Corps or its affiliates.

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