An Evaluation of Steps 1 and 2

I do not like to celebrate prematurely, so I’ll call this an evaluation blog about our newest project “Heart of Peace.” In this project we brought together 16 participants from throughout the Volyn oblast to take part in a three step program. Steps 1 and 2 are behind us, and the final step is to come. Our trainings were an amazing success thanks to this great group of professionals. We have hit a pause period, which is cause for reflection.

As I was walking home today I was thinking about the participants who submitted outlines for their upcoming trainings. The idea of these people sending me  detailed 2 hours session plan on conflict resolution would have been near impossible two months ago. In this aspect, the team has overwhelmingly met our aim.

As I told the team of participants during our last group meeting in Kovel, this was my first project in Ukraine were all the participants stayed the entire project. We did not have one person drop out. Generally, I must explain in my grant report why people failed to make it to the end of the project. I am proud to say, this group made it, thus far. The final step is the successful implementation of a 2-3 hour training on the Conflict Resolution in their respective cities. I expect great works from their execution of this task.

Our team for the “Heart of Peace” project is also the most skilled and knowledgeable group of professionals I have been able to accumulate in one room while in Ukraine. We have Directors from NGOs and Local Government agencies, Heads of Government, Program Managers, Administrators, Experienced Psychologist, Teachers, Lawyers, etc. Originally, we thought it could be a problem to bring so many backgrounds under one roof. But, it actually worked in our favor, due to the fact that we were able to examine each idea from so many different perspectives.

The participants have until July 16th to implement their trainings. That gives them three months to make a lasting impact in others’ lives. To have the gift to present to others is not something that anyone should take lightly. That is why I am glad we took the time to lay a solid foundation for each participant. I hope to see the dividend of their hard work over the next two months.

*These are the thought of Richard J. Roman, not those of the Peace Corps or its affiliates.

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