My First Time

This blog will be a way for my family and friends to keep track of my actions in Ukraine. It will also be a way for me to reflect on daily life as I share my struggles, and my happiest days in Ukraine. Although I have always had a passion for writing, this will be the first time I share my writing with others.

As you may know, my career as a community organizer at the Downtown Fresno Partnership, a non-profit organization, which advocates for a revitalized urban core. While in college, I also worked on several successful congressional campaigns, and mediated disputes for young juveniles.

I opened my first business at the age of 22, and worked several years mediating business disputes. I found my passion for foreign affairs while on my first trip overseas and within 3 months I was offered an internship at the US State Department. After my internship, I accepted an invitation from the Peace Corps to become an Economic Developer in Ukraine for 27 months beginning in October 2015. My goal is to one day become a Foreign Service Officer with the US State Department.


“With intellectual patience we will find the strength to fight our emotional crusade. Onward! Love and persistence are the greatest assets of a Poor Man.”

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