Why, “Soapbox?”

downloadIt should be pretty obvious why I chose to name this site Soapbox. Originally, I named this site “No Roads, Just Adventure.” However, I realized after a few weeks that this was a motto to live by, not a name badge. So, I sifted through my brain and came up with many long personifications of what the motto and the site mean to me. I transitioned from one subgroup to the next. I began with the obvious name, “iChat.” I then transitioned to the pretentious name, “Personification of Self.” My mind shuffled onward to the image of an old-time organizer standing on a soapbox revealing his beliefs to the world. From there it only made sense to entitle this blog “My Soapbox” (because I am so awesome and everything is about me, obviously). However, the humble side of me (that had been hiding in a closet like an old warn-out sock) convinced me to drop the “My.” That is how my site received its name… That is my story and I am sticking to it!

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