Goodbye America

Dear Family and Friends,

It is evident to me that I will miss you all. In times like these I stay awake throughout the night thinking about all those who have made an impact on my life. Whether direct or indirect, you have contributed to my success. Thank you for this.

I have not yet mastered the world, but I am one step closer to mastering myself. Our world is shaped by our understanding of it and we should strive to live in the melody of our own accord. It is a blessing to past this freedom down from generation to generation. This is a gift I wish to share with all willing to listen.

A tear nearly escapes me when I think about how much I will miss America (more so, my family and friends). That tear is receded when my mind turns to the adventure in which I am about to embark. My brother (Randall Roman) once said, our perception of what is to come is always subdued by what actually happens. Throughout my journey I will hold this wisdom close to my heart.

My goal is to trust in my judgement and live in the moment. Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you; and most importantly, for sharing your life with me. We all have much to learn, but I am confident that we will find the strength to fight our emotional crusade. I love you all and wish you well.


Richard James Roman

“Love and Perseverance are the Greatest Assets of a Poor Man.”

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