Yeesti! Yeesti! Yeesti!

On our first day in Washington DC we were asked to describe our fears. I told the group that I feared for my safety. However, one thing was clear to me while I ate my eggs which were surrounded by (delicious) pig fat. My death is more likely to come from a clogged artery than the brunt of ammunition.

The word Yeesti, Yeesti, Yeesti is all I hear. It echoes in my brain. I know that winter is coming and I may need to put on a pound or two, but tonight was a first. I had never been told that I have a “model’esk” figure. Don’t get me wrong. I do not stray from such compliment and I like how they think. In fact, I am wondering why it took so long for someone else to recognize this fact.

There is so much beauty here. I cannot describe it all. Sure, I could write about the view outside our school house window which reminds me of a Venetian movie, but that would not do it justice. I will treasure this experience. I also prey for my group members. I hope they have an equally stunning experience.

*These are the thoughts of Richard J. Roman, and do not in any way reflect the views of Peace Corps or its affiliates.

2 thoughts on “Yeesti! Yeesti! Yeesti!

  1. So happy to get another update. It makes it easier for you to be so far away when we know you are having such wonderful experiences. Yesti! Yesti! Yesti! But, don’t go nuts. 🙂 Love, Grandma and Grandpa


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