Welcome Home



I gaze amorously at my muddled life. So many tasks and so little time to get them accomplished. Each day I have the opportunity to meet new people and make an impact on their lives. This is my favorite activity in Ukraine.

I am very interesting all of a sudden. In America, I am just another citizen. Now, I am the only American within 50 miles. My ability to be charismatic has automatically increased.

There are still times when I sit at the dinner table with absolutely no idea what is being discussed. This is an awkwardness I am grown fond of, it comes with the territory. I have perfected answers to the questions: why am I here, what do I think of the Ukrainian people, and what is my favorite Ukrainian food?

Throughout my life I have built foundation after foundation. I have pieced together an existence that is sturdy and well-intended. Each step has prepared me to do great things in this city and for the Ukrainian people. Now, I must begin to build a durable foundation in my new home.

There is no telling what the future holds, and there is no sense cowering in fear of the next step. I have always bared the courage to pursue my dreams and do not plan to stop now. I will move towards the future with confidence. One day I will look back at my time in Ukraine. I will know that I have done well and right.

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