The Triangle


It is after hours at the office and all I can focus on is how to get back to L’viv. Probably more pertinent is how to get back without taking the bus because my back is killing me and I feel like an old man. Although the vacation was fun it is obvious that the inevitable is happening. I am beginning to mature, maybe.

My friends would probably not agree with that statement. Nevertheless, I believe I am maturing because I took more joy in looking at Eastern European architecture than I did dancing in the night club. Furthermore, I can’t quite remember if my current back pain is caused by the dancing, walking 436 stairs in order to get to the highest point in L’viv, or the bus ride to and from the city.




The view from our balcony quickly became one the many highlight of our trip. And, the triangle shaped park which lied just outside our buildings door will forever make me a punchline because as my friends arrived to the apartment I kept telling them, “just walk towards the Triangle.” Little did I know the shape of the park was unrecognizable from ground level.

Well, that is all for now. I am extremely tired and need to head to the gym in order to sweat out the weekend. I hope to write soon, but can make no promises because I am extremely busy. For those of you who have made it to this point in my post. I know you are the ones who truly care. Thank you.


*These are the thoughts of Richard J. Roman and are not affiliates with the Peace Corps or its Affiliates.

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