Why We Serve.

Before I joined the Peace Corps I thought about becoming a teacher and settling down. However, fate led me to an internship in Washington DC and subsequently serving in the Peace Corps. As a community development volunteer I never really saw the point of teaching English until I met the kids from Euro future. These kids reminded me how blessed I am.

Over the past ten days I was a counselor at a English language camp in the Carpathian mountains. I learned what it means to be a teacher. However, at first I didn’t really know what to think or expect. I was more uncomfortable here than in a meeting with department heads. But, facing your fears usually provides a wonderful return on investment.

The connection you make with the children is a real way to change their lives. Whether it is pushing a 4 year old on the swing and counting to 10 in English, dressing like the Greek God Suez, or conducting an English lesson. It all makes a difference.

That is why every Peace Corps volunteer decides to serve. At the heart of our service is the desire to make a positive impact in others lives. I am able to do that on a daily basis thanks to the Peace Corps. Joining the Peace Corps was the best decision I made in life and I will be forever thankful. From South America to Ukraine and down to the Philippians, we are all apart of something special.

* These are the thoughts of Richard J. Roman and are not affiliated with the Peace Corps or its partners.

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