My Peace Corps Experience

Any Peace Corps Volunteer can attest that Peace Corps service can be one of the loneliest times of your life, but it also has many opportunities. You are in new surroundings, and in many cases, do not have another American or English speaking human within a 50 mile radius. The pressure of seclusion can strengthen even the softest of hearts and produce great outcomes.

Professionally, joining the Peace Corps has been one of the my best decisions. Throughout the past year this opportunity has allowed me to take take on many new roles. My host organization has helped me accomplish the objectives which would have been impossible a short time ago. This is thanks to my mentors, colleagues, friends, and Peace Corps staff.

Most importantly, I have grown into a man. I know it may sound stupid to some, but while in America I still sought validation. I questioned my intuition, values, and worth.  That habit has been broken.  I will always seek wise counsel, but I will no longer allow anyone to rob me of my virtue and ambition.

I primarily thank Peace Corps for my new found confidence and charisma. I still have a year of service left and only God knows how long I will continue working in this great country.  For the remainder of my service I will remain captivated by the opportunities provided to me by my organization, our partners, and the Peace Corps.

*These are the thoughts of Richard J. Roman and are not the opinions of the Peace Corps, or its affiliates.

3 thoughts on “My Peace Corps Experience

  1. Hi there Richard! What a great reflection!

    Just wanted to make sure you had heard about’s New Years Blog Challenge. It’s a great Third Goal activity, plus extra motivation to start the year strong on your blog. I’d love to see you join in this year! Just sign up by January 1: All the best to you in 2017!

    -Michelle C., RPCV and former PC “Blog It Home” winner


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