A Republican PCV: The Elephant in the Room

I recently read an article written about a conservative who attends Harvard University. It made me think about my unique situation. I am a republican surrounded by Democrats. Here are a few answers to the stereotypes I face as one of the few Elephants in the room.

You are a Republican… you must think you are God’s human Judge

I surround myself with a diverse group of people. I will be critical of someone depending on how they treat others and how they approach the world. I distance myself from people who create constant huddles to other’s dreams or who plan another’s demise in secret. My closest friends want success for me and I want the same for them.

You are a Republican… you must love everything President Trump says and does

Many times I want to pause my YouTube of President Trump’s speeches due to the fact that I do not agree with everything he says or how he says it. But, I keep it on and analyze his statements the same way I did with President Clinton, Bush W., and Obama. He is my President and I must respect the position. That does not mean he leads my views on life or the world.

You are a Republican… you must be stupid

People often make the mistake of thinking there is only one type of intelligence. They also place a “stupid sign” on republicans because they saw a guy from the south wearing a confederate flag shirt fumbling over simple words while talking rubbish to a reporter.  That is not me or the majority of Republicans.

You are a Republican… you must be a racist

I treat others how I want to be treated. I belong to the most underrepresented and extorted race in America. As a kid, I was marginalized by friends and their parents because of my Hispanic heritage. I do not wish that on anyone and act accordingly.

You are a Republican… you must not like poor people

What I do well is seeing the best in any person or situation. It pains me to see others who are struggling. I struggle on a daily basis (If you don’t believe me read my last blog about only making $100 a month). I know how it feels to scrub floors and work at a farm. I refuse to see my situation or people in a negative light, but I will not go out of my way to help others if they refuse to see the beauty in life and stop trying to make their situation better.

*These are the thoughts and ideas of Richard J. Roman and do not directly reflect those of the Peace Corps or its affiliates.

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