Two Years Goes by Quick

One year ago I wrote an update on my service goals. It is strange to think that a year can fly by this quickly. It is easy for me to remember each post I write, but difficult to track the time in which I wrote them. I even had to update my service tracker on the sidebar of my blog. When I first placed it as a side widget it said 13 months lefts of service. Sure enough those months turned into weeks and then days. About a week ago I was posting something about an unforgettable weekend and saw that the tracker was down to 55 days of service left. Truth be told, it felt good to see that ticker say 55 days, but that fades after thinking of all the new experience waiting to be had.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. Because of you, I successfully reached my goals for the first two years of my service. Total comes to 8 projects, 35 English Clubs, 37 workshops or conferences, 5 grants written, and 2 publications. I look forward to developing a new list with much higher standards. Below you will find my two year service goals and the activities I have monitored (and, been able to remember):

  1. Complete 3 projects.

Leadership Development Program, Kovel, (Complete)

Digital Capacity Development, Kovel, (Complete)

Journalist Project “My Voice”, Kovel, (Complete)

PDM Mini-series- Lesya Ukrainka National University (Complete) and Business Academy- Lesya Ukrainka National University (Complete)

First-Aid Pre-Service Training Project, Chernihiv, (Complete)

Promotional Video for Peace Corps Ukraine, Vinnystia, (Complete)

Student Union/ Youth NGO Consultation-  EuroFuture (Complete)

Odessa Half-Marathon, Odessa, (Completed, Personal Project)

  1. Complete 30 English clubs.

Holiday’s, Chernihiv Technical University, 30

Leadership, Ukrainian National University in Chernihiv, 30

Purchasing Items, Stari Belious School, 12

Volunteerism, Lublinets School, 30

Volunteerism, Kovel Gymnasium , 12

Volunteerism, School Number Twelve, 24

Ecology, Kovel Gymnasium, 8

2026?, School Number Twelve, 16

Personal Presentation, KAM bridge, 20

2026?, Kovel Gymnasium, 6

Feeling and Traits, Lublinets School, 15

Traveling, KAM bridge, 12

12 English Lesson at CLA (First three months)

Entertainment, Lublinets School, 30

Innovation Hour, Kovel Gymnasium, 24

Innovation Hour, School Number Twelve, 16

Bucket List (What), KAMbridge, 12

Bucket List (Why and how), KAMbridge, 12

Great Women in History, Kovel Gymnasium, 10

Countries Around the World, Kovel Gymnasium, 10

Adult English Club, Office, 17

Big Bang Theory, Office 8

Big Bang Theory, Office, 6

Big Bang Theory, Office 8

Word game, Office, 14

Ring of Fire, Office, 8

“Th”, Lublinets, 5

Word Game, Gymnasium, 12

Ring of Fire, Gymnasium, 16

Ring of Fire, Lublinets, 12

Word Game, KAMbridge, 10

Confidence, KAMbridge, 10

Compliments, Lublinets, 16

History of Ukraine, Office, 10

Women’s day, Kovel, 7

  1. Participate or Facilitate in 30 trainings, forums, or conferences.

PST University, Chernihiv, Participant, 48

ICM Training, Chernihiv,  Facilitator, 20

First Aid Training, Chernihiv, Facilitator, 30

Collaboration Training, Kovel, Participant, 12

Organizational Dynamics Training, Kyiv, Facilitator, 20

Procurement Transparency in America, Odessa, Facilitator, 20

PST University, Iprin, Facilitator, 70

PEPFAR Training, Rivne, Participant, 60

PDM Training, Kyiv, Participant, 70

Team Building, Lutsk, Facilitator, 35

Intercultural dialog, Lutsk, Facilitator, 30

AIESEC, Lutsk, Facilitator, 15

Mediation Panel, Lutsk, Facilitator, 20

Counselor’s Training, Poltava, Participant, 12

Community Development Training, Kovel, Facilitator, 20

Countering Stereotypes, Lutsk, Facilitator, 25

Organizational Capacity Assessment In-Service IST, Kyiv, Facilitator, 60

Leadership and Empowering Young Woman, Lutsk, Facilitator, 25

Language In-Service Training, Participant, 60

Project Design and Management, Lviv, Facilitator, 80

Project Design and Management, Irprin, Facilitator, 80

5 Year Review, Facilitator, 40

SPA Committee meeting, Facilitator, 8

SPA Committee Meeting, Participant, 8

Digital Development meeting, Participant, 10

Volyn Youth NGO (Strategic Plan), Lutsk, Facilitator, 30

Volyn Youth (Volunteer day), Lutsk, Speaker, 35

Budget Forecasting CoLab, Rivne, Facilitator, 20

PDM Co Lab, Rivne, Facilitator, 20

Project Design and Management, Irprin, Facilitator, 120

Time Management (Volyn Youth Center), Facilitator, 15

Leadership (Volyn Youth Center), Facilitator, 15

Language IST, Kyiv, Participants, 50

Teamwork Consultation (Euro Future), Kovel, Facilitator, 10

End of Survey Conference, Kyiv, Participants, 50

“Standards of Journalism” My Voice Project Training, Kovel, Manager, 20

“Laws of Journalism” My Voice Project Training, Kovel, Manager, 20

“Investigative Journalism” My Voice Project Training, Kovel, Manager, 20

“Gender Equality” My Voice Project Training, Kovel, Manager, 20

“Advanced Photography” My Voice Project Training, Kovel, Manager, 20

Leadership Development Program “PDM”, Kovel, Facilitator, 15

Leadership Development Program “Traits of a Leadership”, Kovel, Facilitator, 15

Leadership Development Program “Presentation of Projects”, Kovel, Manager, 30

  1. Write 4 grants and have 2 accepted and approved for funding.

LDP, SPA Grant, Approved

Digital Capacity Development, US State Department, Approved

My Voice, SPA Grant, Approved

Decentralization Journalist Development Program, Internews, Denied

Take Off (Youth Program), US State Department, Denied

  1. 2 published articles or scholarly reviews.

Entrepreneurs Cookbook: A Recipe for Organizational Efficiency, Legal Space, July 2016

Mediation in Ukraine Guidebook, USAID, August 2016






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