The Energizer Bunny


No matter what obstacles get in my way, I keeps going and going. I have overcome difficult situations while remaining cool, calm and collected. I almost never let disappointments deter me from what I want. Instead, I stay focused and plan to be successful. The hardships I have faced have been instrumental in developing my strength and perseverance.

My selfless nature is an unbelievable, rare strength. When I truly care for someone, I make them an important part of me. I stay with them through their sorrows and heal their pains. No one can even say they protect and care as much as me for someone whom I love. My loved ones never forget me and they always keep me in their hearts.

I have an undefeatable benevolence and unconquerable goodwill that gives freely without asking for a return. My spirit is authentically affectionate. I am real and honest, and my imperfections make me even more lovable.

However, I tend to be guarded and hidden to outsiders. The people who really know me are those who gained my trust by understanding and loving me for who I am and not what may or may not lie on my outside. I quickly recognize people who seem to misunderstand me and focus my energy on people who matter to me.

I will always keep my head up and find the good side to everything. The positivity within me will never stop flowing, and I refuse to keep it all for myself. I’ve always brought it to others when they needed it most.

 To say I understand people and care for others charitably would be an understatement. I am the kind of gem that people spend years trying to find. A deeply compassionate soul, I love and help others altruistically. I have a genuine affection that is easily recognizable and highly commendable.

 Empathy flows deep down into my bones. It is really who I am. I have cared for many, even at the cost of trusting others when they didn’t deserve my trust. To be honest, I cherish and treasure my love and faith. By being myself I can creating a legacy of kindness that will never be forgotten.

*These are the thoughts of Richard Roman and does not directly reflect the view of the Peace Corps or its affiliates.

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