Go West Young Man

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There are so many emotions flowing through my body at the moment. There is sadness, humility, thankfulness and tiredness (just to name a few). Pre-Service Training has had its ups and down, but I am filled with overwhelming joy when I think about how lucky I am to be here.

Over the past three months I have formed bonds with people who have become my closest companions. We have shared our lives together and I will never forget the special moments we shared. On a daily basis we were able to turn a simple active into a festive experience. I will miss the illustrious flow of our synergy.

This week I say goodbye to many new friends. After which I will be whisked away to a town in Northwest Ukraine called Kovel where I will be working for an NGO called Center for Legal Help. I look forward to supporting their dream of enhances the legal capacity of underprivileged citizen.

Now, I look west. I gaze towards the adventure that is on the horizon. I am leaving for western Ukraine next week, but will always cherish the relationships I have formed over the past three months.

*These are the thoughts of Richard Roman and does not directly reflect the view of the Peace Corps or its affiliates.

Kovel, Ukraine


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