Merry Christmas


Earlier this week I was sworn into the Peace Corps and I am now an official Volunteer. But, instead of talking about that experience on Christmas Day I thought it would be appropriate to write about a more important topic.

This ring translates to, “May God Save and Protect Us.” I wish the same for my friends and family this holiday season. I recently lost the ring. Then, found it at the bottom of my toiletry bag shortly before I headed to my new site. I like to believe this was a reminder that my God is always with me, even when I think I have lost Him.

I pray that God watches over my friends and me throughout this new experience. It is scary to move to a new city were you are the only American. And, it takes guts to travel to a country in the midst of massive reforms and policy changes. I only hope that my friends find an equal partner to help them in the days to come.


*These are the thoughts of Richard Roman and does not directly reflect the view of the Peace Corps or its affiliates.

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