The Future of Ukraine

The street, that is what we are calling the place where my colleagues and I have created an environment for a Model UN Camp. Some of the most intelligent and motivated youth in Ukraine all gathered in a 40 yard strip of bungalows. We may not make a difference in every single kid’s life while at Model UN, but we will make a difference in those who have a desire to thrive in the international community.

The group of counselors is a collection of young and we are all learning how to make this camp great as we go forward from one day to the other. We have all passed the point where we are mesmerized by the beautiful sea whose salt is always in the air and which is only a head turn away.

I have a group of six kids. We are representing Saudi Arabia and Syria. At first, most of my kids where very shy and didn’t want to talk… at all. However, after the first two day I saw these kids start to bond which was great.

Last night I gave a monologue to a group of Ukrainian youth about corruption. I told them that their generation will decide whether Ukraine will invite international investment through refusing to give into corruption. They are the future politicians, diplomats, and business owners. I am glad I had this opportunity to collaborate with fellow Peace Corps Volunteers and Ukrainians in order to help with this wonderful camp.

*These are the thoughts of Richard J. Roman and do not reflect those of the Peace Corps or its affiliates.  

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