No Sugar, Please

This blog is dedicated to my Grandfather who passed away last week. It is difficult for anyone in times like these. And, I am coping with the thought of never laughing with him again while living in a foreign land. I will always remember the lessons taught me and love the mentoring he provided.

Grandpa, we shared a name and through that our bond was stronger than most. You were more than a Grandfather to me. I told my close friend hours after we lost you that a third of my Father figures have now passed. First, it was my step-father, Andy. Then, my paternal Grandpa Roman. And, now You.

I will never forget the last meal we had in California. On the way home I thanked you for the time you screamed at me and called me a “Spoiled Brat” while we were in Cozumel. You were surprised, but I explained, without this harsh guidance I could not transform into the man I am today. Throughout your life you help me decipher the harsh truths in life. You never sugar coated.

Thank you, Grandpa Walker. You will live forever because of the principles you instilled in me. I am a representation of your life now. The same was true for your father and his father. The same will be for my children and theirs’. I will always love you.


*These are the thoughts of Richard J. Roman, and do not represent the thoughts of the Peace Corps or its affiliates. 

2 thoughts on “No Sugar, Please

  1. Grandpa would love this article, Richie. He has always loved you and been so proud of you. I think he though you were his Mini Me. 🙂 He will be greatly missed by many, but I am just thankful that he lived and that we got to be a part of his amazing life. Love, Grandma.


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