Exploration: A Necessity for Any Peace Corps Volunteer

Exploring our cities is one of the most exciting things to do for Peace Corps volunteers. Today I was able to explore the key landmarks of my city, and get some exercise while doing it. It was a rewarding day and I am glad to share my experience with you.

The day started at 730 when the roosters crowed and the sun pierce through my window and fell directly on me. I had three goals for the day:(1) study for my Foreign Service Officer Test, (2) get some exercise, and (3) study language with my counterpart.

Before my morning coffee I roles to my side and plucked my tablet from the charger. I started my study app and took a 30 minute practice test. After which, I realized I was in no shape to study. So, I headed for the kitchen seeking some much needed energy. After my second cup of coffee I made myself a little breakfast than started studying again.

I studied for another 3 to 4 hours on subject ranging from world history to break-even points. After taking an hour long Practice test on grammar I headed out the door, bike and all. I began my journey to the center of town where I planned to meet my counterpart for a study session.

I left about an hour early than I should so that I could take the long way and explore my city while taking in the sites. I made my way to the river in my city and stopped to take in the sites. I proceeded to do the same for the next few miles as I explored my wonderful new home.


The day is half way through and I am now in the park learning a new language. This is where I leave you. I look forward to my next post and thank you all for following my experiences in Ukraine.



*These are the thoughts and ideas of Richard J. Roman and do not reflect those of the Peace Corps or its affiliates.

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